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"...His most recent release, 2015’s “The Architect; The Engineer,” is a swirling melting pot of inventive acoustic sounds..."
Kevin Stairiker, Fly After 5, "Alex Brubaker and his 'unfortunate breaks'" (April 21, 2017)

"...Alex Brubaker provided the ultimate soundtrack for a near meditative chance to just be. Brubaker uses an array of guitar pedals, finger tapping, and different lighting fixtures to create layers of ambiance. It was enjoyable to not only the musicians and industry professionals at LAUNCH but onlookers who were hotel guests. 
For fans of: Andy McKee, Explosions in the Sky, Chon
Michelle Turk, Ethos Live, "Our 10 Most Memorable Acts from LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival 2017" (April 16, 2017)

Pre-LAUNCH Interview w/Fly After 5
Kevin Stairiker, Fly After 5 (April 12, 2017)

"Amongst an array of candles and amps, Alex Brubaker opened the night with his signature instrumental guitar pieces. Brubaker uses timed lights, loop pedals and other effects to create what amounts to a one-man symphonic film score. Live looping is a fascinating process to watch live, and it’s obvious when watching Brubaker that he has a mastery of the delicate timing it takes, because one wrong note can bring a whole jam down. As you can imagine, there were no wrong notes."
Kevin Stairiker, Fly After 5 (March 27, 2017)

"Alex Brubaker broke his thumb during a snowboarding accident. Just two weeks ago, he had the cast removed, and he told the LAUNCH audience at Lancaster Dispensing Company Thursday night that he had to “relearn how to play guitar.” I certainly didn’t notice, as Brubaker’s percussive style of playing was as skillful as ever."
Jenelle Janci, Lancaster Online (April 21, 2016)

"Percussive acoustic guitar maestro Alex Brubaker has a lot to say. The Architect; The Engineer may be dense notewise, but Brubaker speaks with grace and eloquence through every tap, hit, and strumming pattern. Those familiar with Trevor Gordon Hall, Andy McKee, Mike Dawes, and Jon Gomm will quickly acknowledge Brubaker's skill and worth with this album pumping into their ears."
TMMP, The Musical Melting Pot (June 01, 2015)

"'The Architect; the Engineer' is a beautifully crafted album in the way that albums used to be a listening experience in itself. There is a constructed yet organic feel for how Alex Brubaker strings together his compositions to create a diverse and intriguing listening experience for fans of experimental acoustic music. Get your creative juices flowing with this album!"
Henry Nam (Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist; AKA Sheltered Turtle)

“You can tell Alex spent a lot of time working on and refining this project, and it shows in the vivid textures, dynamic range, and intricate rhythms. Not only will listeners be drawn in by its complexity and depth, but also by the flow of the tracks and how each song contributes equally to the vision of the album.”
Paul Stangl (Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist)

"[Alex] kept things strictly instrumental throughout, preferring to integrate his technical prowess with further technological advancements for added interest rather tahn lyrics and signing"
David Fox, Music Without Labels (April 15, 2015)

"guitar magic"
Michael Sedor,

 "It's beautiful to watch. I can't believe the sounds he can make playing the guitar like that."
Rachel Rocks, PA Musician Magazine (March 05, 2011)

"Brubaker decided to take the shows inception into his own hands."
Anthony Francesco, The Swinging Bridge (March 02, 2011)

"Alex is a guitarist whose technical proficiency never ceass to amaze me."
Dave Fox, Foxy Python's Flying Circus (Feb 18, 2009)

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